The GLOCAL Vision in a Nutshell

We describe the world using words. But words often call to mind different mental views of the world to different people, because of their differing personal experience and contexts.

As a result, the semantic gap between our verbally expressed conceptualizations of the world and our actual experience of the world – which is most directly represented by media such as photos and videos – is far beyond the reach of current multimedia systems.

Hence we don’t yet have a universal way of contextualizing search, navigation and media management according to users’ needs and their operating environments.

A key idea underlying the Integrating Project GLOCAL is to use events as the primary means for organizing and indexing media.

Events have a local and a global dimension. The local dimension involves the assignment of tags (conceptualizations) to media (personal experiences). The global dimension involves the sharing of general event structures and specific event descriptions, which enables social sharing and networking of events, tags and media.

Within networked communities, common (global) descriptions of the world can be built and continuously enriched by a continuous flow of individual (local) descriptions.

With two leading search companies and four content providers, the GLOCAL consortium will be able to realize and evaluate the GLOCAL approach in several application domains, which will involve professional and amateur users dealing with professional and generic contents.


Theme: Networked Media and 3D Internet
Start: December 1st, 2009
End: November 30th, 2012
Duration: 36 months
Partners: 10, from 5 countries
Budget: approx. €7.4 million
EC Contribution: approx. €5.1 million
Project Number: FP7 - 248984


co-funded by the European Union co-funded by the European Union, December 2009 – November 2012

Download the Project Brochure here.

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